On WalkMarketing affiliate platform publishers get connected with appealing Advertiser campaigns. Publishers promote the content of the advertiser through a variety of ways, such as website, email campaigns, social media and so forth. As traffic providers, their ultimate goal is to connect the end-users with the advertiser’s product or offer. The end-user or traffic is an action, such as making a purchase, completing the form or any other action for which the advertiser pays a publisher.


The Affiliate Platform Connectioing Publishers with Advertisers

WalkMarketing offers lots of advertiser programs from popular categories. These are Forex trading, Crypto, gambling, betting, casino, sweepstakes, and CBD investment. Advertisers usually pay a commission from a sale. To calculate this flat amount, they need to project the total revenue generated by the users at the time of the campaign promotion. Afterward, they split it by the forecasted amount of users the campaign attracted. This is how they calculate the average income per new user. This average, in return, is multiplied for the average time the user is subscribed to the product. This is how advertisers figure out the amount of money they will be able to pay to the publisher per each new user.

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Advertisers, known as merchants usually are companies who need Publishers who can bring customers to their product. As described above, they pay commissions for performance. Those commissions might cover a purchase of product or leads (e.g., subscribed visitors). They pay, and we pay the Publishers.

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